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Those two engineers had extensive experience in the plastics quality control test instrument industry, but were disillusioned by the business practices that plagued the industry.  After years of experience working for, and observing other, companies in the industry that were guilty of poor business practices, the founders of Oakland Instrument decided to pioneer a change in the test instrument market.

”We decided to form a company that provides technically innovative products and services while providing solid value, and to deliver those products through people who really understand the film extrusion and quality control processes. We fulfill that mission by giving you product demonstrations, straight talk, and genuine advice about our products and your applications.”

The two engineers had extensive experience in plastics quality control but were frustrated by the business practices that plagued the industry. Working in this industry can adversely affect the health of men and they may develop symptoms of erectile dysfunction. To avoid them, you need to use cheap viagra.


Test instruments for quality control.  Built Around You.


We believe that innovation does not need to be mutually exclusive with providing customer value.  We provide that value by giving you the things you want when working with

an instrument company; and by not giving you things you don’t want.

Building on R&D:


Oakland Instrument established itself as a technical innovator by capturing three patents for revolutionary advances in capacitance sensor technology including self-calibration electronics & sensors for film thickness measurement. Through these efforts, Oakland became well recognized as “the leading supplier of computer-controlled benchtop gauges” within the plastic film extrusion industry.

Leveraging our film application expertise and our proprietary hardware & software platforms, Oakland has become a respected plastic film and sheet test instrument company, offering computerized test instruments in the thickness/caliper, tensile test, force measurement, tear resistance, dart impact, surface analysis, and coefficient of friction product areas.

Oakland Instrument was founded in 1995 by two engineers, inspired by the simple idea that they could create a better plastic film thickness gauge.

The Oakland Instrument Story:  A Simple Idea

Beyond the Niche:


Capitalizing on our expertise in instruments for plastic films, Oakland is focused on expanding its advanced sensor technologies and software platforms to address the unique needs of complimentary web-product industries including paper manufacturing, tissue, non-woven fabrics & films, and converted flexible packaging.